How To Make Your Property Stand Out From The Crowd

Published: Wednesday 17th Apr 2019

Written by: Aimee Anderson

With so many holiday cottages on the market these days it’s important to ensure that your investment truly stands out from the crowd. Many customers are becoming increasingly more discerning so here are some of our top tips to be bold and showcase something a little more out of your comfort zone. 


Image removed.Think about the property heritage… 

Rather than make your cottage run-of-the-mill and generic, why not do some digging and discover a little more about its’ history and area background. Whether that’s adding old village signs, or wall-mounting a set of bellows; making a unique feature will really add something different and interesting, if not eye-catching! 

Image removed.Add a WOW factor…

Why not try to put yourself in the shoes of your holidaymaker? What would you like from a holiday cottage and what would make you return again and again? Think about elements that will really make a stay at your property a real ‘treat’ for customers – it could be a bath with a view, or a Smart TV and SONOS cleverly hidden amongst hand-picked artwork.

Image removed.Throw out the rule book…

Sometimes, you really do need to step away from expectations and assumed interior styles and make your own pathway. Oftentimes, the most successful properties are those that have such a statement interior style that you can’t help but want to experience it for yourself. It’s time to turn away from subtle greys and whites and add a splash of colour, resort to exposed brick work and timber and quite simply turn perceived character on its’ head. Go on; why not surprise yourself! 

Image removed.Make people do a double-take… 

Ever dreamt of something so out of the ordinary that you thought it couldn’t possibly work? You could be wrong! Sometimes the greatest interior decisions are based on crazy ideas; if you can find someone to turn that dream into a reality, we’re all for it (even if it is a safari holiday in the middle of the Suffolk countryside!) 


So do you have a holiday home you’re longing to transform? Or perhaps you’re on the look out for the perfect ‘project’ and are looking for inspiration? Why not contact the recruitment team today who can assist you at whatever stage of your journey! 

Aimee Anderson
Aimee Anderson


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