The Staycation Is Here To Stay

Published: Wednesday 6th Feb 2019

Written by: Aimee Anderson

Put your passports away - the 'staycation' is here to stay! It’s a word we’ve only known since the noughties but this year the staycation is more relevant than ever…

Holidays – they allow you to escape the pressures of everyday life and create memories to treasure for a lifetime. Busy, laid-back, with friends, with family or alone… however it’s spent, a holiday is a sure-fire way to hit the re-set button and get you back to your happiest, full-to-the-brim best.

And the greatest thing of all is that you don’t have to go very far to achieve all that. Make a list of all you’d like to do with your hard-earned downtime and you’ll most likely find opportunities right on your doorstep – your holiday home doorstep, that is! There are so many reasons why you should choose a holiday ‘at home’ this year; here are 10 reasons to set you thinking about staycationing in 2019 …


1. Stick with what you know

Whatever your views are about the 'B-word', the headlines have been filled with concern about Brexit and how it will affect us.

For holidaymakers there have been concerns that trips to Europe may no longer be the cheapest or easiest option once we leave the EU. Whether you agree or not, worries over passports, EHIC and exchange rates all make a staycation a much more appealing choice for those who’d like to be a bit more savvy with their spending money and want a stress-free run-up to their holiday.

2. It’s all here

Summer staycationThere really is something for everyone in the UK. Award-winning beaches, internationally-acclaimed cultural attractions, stuff-of-legends historical sites, National Parks, coast, countryside, mountains and moors… we’re surrounded by amazing places which inspire, challenge and encourage us to reconnect with the people and things most important to us.

3. Stay in control

Staycationing puts you at the centre of every holiday decision. Travel times, daily routines, dining arrangements, what you spend and how much or little you do is all up to you… the perfect antidote to the demands of everyday life!

4. Weather watching

Last summer’s heatwave proved once again that holidays at home can be every bit as perfect as those further afield, and hopes are high for more record-breaking temperatures in the coming months. The weather’s always a talking point here in the UK… but it could add the ‘wow’ factor to your holiday this year!  

5. Alone or in a crowd

A holiday ‘at home’ can be as companionable or as contemplative as you’d like it to be. Want a solo break, or a place to reconnect as a couple? A small holiday cottage will provide all the comforts of home, and will be priced appropriately.

Aiming for a multi-generational get-together, or planning a special celebration? Choose a larger property where’s there’s space for convivial living and the costs can be shared.

Want a bit of both? A holiday in company but with some ‘me’ time too? Choose a location with a good mix of accommodation and you can enjoy a place to call your own while friends or family have their own quarters close by – there’ll be plenty of places to meet up and have fun.     

6. No-hassle travel

Let’s face it: there’s little glamour to be found in air travel these days. Security checks, luggage restrictions, limited legroom and long transfers all make the prospect of a plane journey less than appetising… while flight delays can eat into your time away or leave you ready for another holiday no sooner than you’re home. 

Opt, instead, for a holiday where the journey is part of the fun; one where you can pack everyone and everything you need into the car, stop to refuel – people and petrol tank! – when you choose, and see something of the country you call home en route. 

7. Everyone’s welcome

Staycation pets allowedIf a pet is an important part of your family, you’ll want it to be part of your holiday fun too. Choose a pet-friendly self-catering cottage for your next group getaway and no-one is left pining for their companions… or paying a hefty bill for kennels.

8. Star quality

We’re sticklers for standards in the UK, and that’s really reassuring when it comes to choosing your holiday accommodation. Internationally-recognised ratings ensure that holiday accommodation booked through an agency like ours will always meet – and often exceed – expectations. And if there’s a problem, our locally-based team of cleaners, handymen and property managers are on hand to deal with it.    

9. There’s always something new

Whether you want to book well ahead or are more of a last-minute decision-maker, you’re sure to find something to suit for your holiday at home. Choose a self-catering staycation and you can secure your booking many months ahead. But spontaneity can be catered-for too… successful holiday cottage agencies like us are always adding new properties to their portfolios, and can often accommodate short-notice requests for help. 

10. You’re welcome – really!

The ‘shop local’ campaign extends beyond the high street – as a locally-based holiday cottage agency we are a key employer within our community, while our homeowners and customers support all manner of neighbourhood enterprises, from cleaners and handymen to cafés and tourist attractions. We know how important your holiday is to you, and your support of the place in which we live and work means the world… the friendly smiles and warm welcomes you receive while holidaying ‘at home’ are genuine!

If you're like to try a staycation this year but you're not sure where to go? Check out our range of luxury self-catering holiday cottages in idyllic locations across the Suffolk countryside to help your decision-making process much more simple!


Written by Gill Bendall

Aimee Anderson
Aimee Anderson


Marketing Assistant

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