What Makes Suffolk Special

Published: Tuesday 18th Jun 2019

Written by: Aimee Anderson

This Friday 21st June is Suffolk Day. The day where we celebrate all the brilliant things about Suffolk. We may be biased but we absolutely love this beautiful county! 

Whether it's coast or countryside, quiet country lanes or bustling high streets, riverside walks or sandy beaches - we love it all! We've got incredible local food and drink producers, a whole host of family-friend music festivals and events and hoards of independent shops - but there's more to Suffolk than meets the eye!

Not only is Suffolk wonderfully beautiful but it also has many unique qualities that you can't find anywhere else. Read on to discover our top 5 pick of the things that make Suffolk so special:

1. It has the most Easterly point in the UKThe Nutshell Pub

Set your alarm early enough and you could be the first person in the UK to see the sunrise! Lowestoft Ness is the most Easterly point in the UK. This rather remote point on the map is ideal for those that want to escape from the usual visitor attractions. And for those that prefer things to be a bit more lively, simply head over to Lowestoft town where you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and local attractions on offer.

2. It has the smallest pub in the UK

Ok, so not strictly true, it USED to have the smallest pub in the UK. The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds held the Guinness World Record for the UK's smallest pub up until 2016. Nevertheless, what The Nutshell doesn't lack in size it makes up for in it's quirkiness. From a mummified cat, currency on the ceiling, historical photos, military items and an aeroplane propeller - this is more than just a place to stop for a quick drink, it's an experience!


Rendlesham Forest's UFO trail3. It is home to one of the UK's biggest UFO mysteries

In the early hours of 26 December 1980 an incident took place in Rendlesham forest spanning over 3 nights. Two US serviceman claimed to have seen a UFO landing in the forest just outside the perimeter fence at RAF Woodbridge. There have been many theories about what really took place but nothing has ever been confirmed.

You probably won't be able to solve this mystery (but it's worth a try, hey?) but you can still stimulate your imagination by pedaling your way through the forest on the UFO Trail.

Discover some of the areas linked to the UFO sighting and enjoy the wonderful environment surrounding you.



4. It has one of two working Tide Mills left in the UKTide Mill

Woodbridge Tide Mill is one of two remaining working tide mills in the UK. It has existed in the same spot on Tide Mill Way since 1170 - that's almost 850 years!

Today the mill is an engrossing, interactive museum with a working waterwheel that is used to mill flour in live demonstrations once or twice a day during the summer.

5. It has its own breed of horse

The Suffolk Punch is a breed of horse unique to the county and is the oldest English breed of working horse. Sadly, the breed is critically endangered but thanks to the work of The Suffolk Punch Trust charity, they are helping to protect this special breed.

They have established a breeding programme, raised public awareness and trained a new generation of professionals to work with these iconic heavy horses. You can visit the trust in Hollesley, near Woodbridge to find out more about the history of The Suffolk Punch and enjoy spending time with this beautiful species.

Aimee Anderson
Aimee Anderson


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