Lavenham Cottages

It would be impossible to plan a trip to Constable Country without visiting Lavenham. Considered as one of England's best medieval towns it is literally brimming with history and culture. Its high street is a delight for the eyes being lined with picturesque timber-framed buildings, it also boasts over 30 local businesses including art galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Take a stroll up to the market place and you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time. The Guildhall is one of over 300 listed buildings in the town, and it stands proudly at the top of the square. Aside from being an extremely important building to the town of Lavenham, it was also used in more recent times to base the interior of the childhood home of fictional character Harry Potter in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part One.

The Little Hall is also worth checking out. It is a late 14th century Hall House which is now run as a small, independent, accredited museum, which is owned by the Suffolk Buildings Preservation Trust. It is has been maintained by the owners and run by volunteers since 1920's and is filled with a mix of antiques, pictures, books, china and art. It also has a stunning, traditional English walled-garden, as well as a shop.

Lavenham Church is truly a beautiful and stately building and attracts many thousands of visitors every year. It was maintained by The Spring family, who were clothiers, who were responsible for the building and their legacy has continued with much conservation going on by volunteers to preserve this stunning landmark. 

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